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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Tue Jul 15, 2008 12:27 am

Game Rules and Regulations - For Players

1. Respect all members of the server ( players and GMs ). You may not like everyone, or get along, but giving respect to them is not optional.

2. Do not use any variation of "GM" in your character's name, guild name, or guild title. GM impersonation is considered an attempt to scam players and will not be tollerated.

3. Do not impersonate any other player on the server. There has been a problem in the past with players doing this to take advantage of the friends of those who that impersonate.This also will not be tolerated.

4. Do not ask any GM if you can (or how to) become a Game Master. GM are chosen by the administrator, and it is not a democratic process.

5. Do not summon mosters anywhere but in the Dead Branch arena.

6. Do not spam skills or chat in any of the main towns.

7. Do not attempt to cheat the server, or any individual player. This includes but is not limited to scamming which is an attempt to mislead another player so that you can basically "rip them off".

8. Do not Kill/Loot Steal. This means intentionally attacking a monster that someone else has already been killing, or running up and taking the loots it drops before the MVP can get to it. Please note: The use of @autoloot can significantly reduce the chances of loot stealing.

9. Do not use offensive language. Punishments of this vary due to the severity of the action.
- Profanity: This is the use of "swear" or "curse" words. There is a very small amount of lenience with this, but should the terms become offensive, the appropriate action will be taken.
- Racial slurs: This is the use of degrading statements or terms directed at a group or individual based on their race. This will NOT be tollerated under any circumstances, and will be harshly dealt with.
- Sexual nature (or use of sexual terms in character, party, guild, or title names): This is the use of any sexual terms, mention of any genetalia, or sexual inuendos. This also includes the use of letters, numbers, and other characters to present obscene images. Like racism this will be deal with harshly, and without warning.

10. Do not block NPCs by places your chats over them, and do not place chats at the spawn point. All chats need to be at the very least 5 cell blocks away from spawn points, portals, and NPCs.

11. Do not harass other players. This is the act of swearing at/insulting an individual for an extended period of time. I.E. following someone through town making fun of them, or broadcasting personal insults directed at them. Players are real people, with real feelings, and should be treated as such.

12. Do not abuse the broadcaster. While we do not mind the occassional "Happy Birthday (insert name)", "Will you marry me (insert name)?", if it starts to get out of hand, the price or delay time will be raised, or it may just be disabled completely for the day.

13. Attempting to evade punishment: This is logging onto another character after having been muted, getting on another account while banned, or changing IPs to avoid an IP block. You may log out, but you cannot log onto another account.

14. It is illegal to sell in-game items or zeny for real life money! This includes LOAD.

15. Trading items on Blackout for other servers' items (or vice versa) is illegal.

Notice : GM's aren't responsible for LOST or STOLEN items.
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Server Rules
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