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 @commands for player In No0bS1nX-RO

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PostSubject: @commands for player In No0bS1nX-RO   Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:55 pm

No0bS1nX - RO (Commands for players list)

// Enables/disables autolooting from killed mobs.

// Allows to autoloot a chosen one item.

// Displays a list of @ commands available to the player.

// Duel organizing commands

// Spawns you to set points in major cities.

// Enables you to to jump randomly on a map (that you are already on).

// Warps you to your last save point.

// Brings up your personal storage wherever you are.

// Prints out in which maps a monster normally spawns at.

// Warp yourself to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates. /mm or /mapmove

// Suicide your character.

// Displays/Hides Experience gained
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@commands for player In No0bS1nX-RO
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